The Mill and The Mountain is vying for a million bucks

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With only a few more days to go in the current round of fan-based voting, Vancouver’s Steamy Window Productions is keeping the dream alive as it vies for a million dollars in funding from CineCoup to help produce its original film The Mill and the Mountain, inspired by two true British Columbia events.

Concept poster for The Mill and the Mountain currently vying for $1 million in funding from CineCoupHeading up the independent production company’s push to the funding, which has been unfolding online since March, is co-founder Sean Horlor.  A journalist, producer and director and recently named one of 30 people you should know, Horlor may best be known as one of the co-hosts of OUTtv’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job.

The Mill and the Mountain combines the stories of a 2005 Vancouver amnesia case and that of accused serial-killer Cody Legebokoff,” explains Horlor whose business and life partner Steve Adams had a real-life connection with Legebokoff, having babysat Legebokoff and his brother in Fort Saint James in the 90s.

Originally having developed the Vancouver amnesia case as a novel in 2005, it wasn’t until Horlor and Adams saw an opportunity to combine the two stories that they felt they were onto a unique screenplay with wide appeal.

The title of the film is a reference to an actual mill and mountain located outside Fort St. James, one of the locations for The Mill and the Mountain‘s story of a journalist trying to connect a young amnesiac and a grisly murder along British Columbia’s infamous Highway of Tears.

Seeking much needed funding for the project, Horlor and his team looked to CineCoup for help as they saw their own work ethic reflected in CineCoup’s film accelerator model.

“They treat you like an entrepreneur and artist at the time,” says Horlor.  “That really matches who we are: a start-up that is equal parts entrepreneurs and storytellers.”

The first feature film project for Horlor, Adams and producer/director of photography Sean Cox, the team says that at its core, The Mill and the Mountain is a story about redemption and explores how three very different characters try to come to terms with the choices they’ve made in their lives and how memory can define who we are and what we become.

Currently in what CineCoup refers to as its “social selection funnel”, fans have an opportunity to explore the various projects and follow the teams as they execute weekly video missions, ultimately voting for their favourites.

Now vying for a spot in the top 40, fans of The Mill and the Mountain have until Sunday to help propel it to the next round.  The winner of the million dollars will be announced on June 10, 2013 at the Banff World Media Festival.

You can help Steamy Window Productions realize their dream of receiving funding for The Mill and the Mountain by registering online to vote at  You can also follow their progress on Twitter or Facebook.

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