The Switch is a series of transgender firsts

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Claiming it as the world’s first transgender comedy series, Vancouver’s Trembling Void Studios will soon begin production on The Switch, described as a “magical-realist comedy series that will tackle the chaotic balance of the personal and political in the lives of trans people”.

Adding to its world’s firsts, the production has also cast transgender actors, rather than using cisgender (non-transgender) actors in make-up, which producers say is the case with most trans roles to date.

The story will follow Sü, played by Domaine Javier, as a previously upwardly mobile software manager who is now an out transsexual, unemployed and sleeping on her ex’s couch in East Vancouver. Thrown into a world of marginal living, social inequity, and quasi-legal employment, the show will follow Sü as she either claws her way back or adapts and thrive in her new life.

“Set in a world changing between economies and genders, between death and life, The Switch is delightfully strange, proudly crude and sharply political,” says Holly McCrea of Trembling Void Studios.

On the set of The Switch a new Vancouver-based transgender comedy series set to begin filming in July.
On the set of The Switch a new Vancouver-based transgender comedy series set to begin filming in July.

Trembling Void Studios’ first production, the show will be shot in and around the Vancouver area in what writer Vanessa Tara calls “a vibrant portrayal of the chaotic, often absurd balancing acts that are our transgender lives.”

Looking to crowd-funding to finance the project, the team has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the cash necessary to produce the show which begins filming in July.  The studio plans on releasing the series through multiple streams including DVD, flash drives and direct downloads.

The team will also host a promotional gala on March 16, 2013 at Cafe Deux Soleil in East Vancouver where interested “investors” or the merely curious can meet the cast and find out more about the show.

The Switch

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