Vancouver artist takes body prints into the bar

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Looking for a fun group activity that was creative and original, Vancouver artist Richard Frechet began creating body prints earlier this year. For the first time, he is taking the art form into the community with an interactive showing at one of our city’s local gay bars.

Created by applying canvas to a body part that has been covered by a layer of paint, the end result is a portrait of sorts. But instead of a portrait that would immediately be recognizable as coming from a particular person, body prints are typically created using the subject’s torso, similar to the image above.

“The prints are never the same and the spectators are involved,” says Frechet. “The spectators become the models and take home with them a unique piece of art.”

Taking approximately thirty minutes to complete each body print, Frechet does admit that finding volunteers to get covered in paint isn’t always easy, and while he does have some subjects already lined up for his upcoming show he is always on the lookout for additional volunteers. That opportunity comes as Frechet sets up at the Pumpjack Pub on October 9. And the best part? Payment for participating comes in the form of their own body print.

“The body prints are the property of the volunteer so they take them home at no cost,” he says.

Donations are appreciated though.

The opening of Richard Frechet’s Body Print exhibition takes place at the Pumpjack Pub (1167 Davie St, Vancouver) on October 9 beginning at 9:00pm. Find out more on his Facebook page.

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