A Loving Spoonful

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A volunteer-driven organization providing free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS in Greater Vancouver, A Loving Spoonful is definitely helping to ensure that no one living with AIDS lives with hunger.

A Loving SpoonfulStarted in 1989 as Easter’s Sundays by Easter Armas, the group now known as A Loving Spoonful soon evolved into the first meal program in Canada to provide free meals for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Every week, for almost 20 years now (the group celebrates it’s 20th anniversary in 2010), A Loving Spoonful volunteers deliver approximately 1,200 frozen meals and over 250 snack packs to men, women and children who are primarily homebound with AIDS. A Loving Spoonful helps support over 250 adults and children living with HIV/AIDS throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

The mission of A Loving Spoonful, to make sure no one living with AIDS lives in hunger, is simple one but they cannot do it without the support of its volunteers and donors.

To help, GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online) will donate, in perpetuity, 100% of the commissions generated through its Amazon.ca affiliate store to A Loving Spoonful.

If you would like more information, volunteer or donate directly to A Loving Spoonful you can visit them at http://www.alovingspoonful.org/

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