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Want to know the difference between a manifold and a camshaft or does the sight of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia take you to your happy place?  Then BentCarGuys, a car club that brings gay and lesbian “car guys” together, might just be what you are looking for.

BentCarGuysBentCarGuys members participate in a variety of activities including car shows, parts swap meets, ride and drives, and other automotive related events.  As well, the group participates in amateur motorsports including high speed lapping clinics, performance driving courses, TSD rallies, autocross and rallycross races.

But the practical also comes with the fun as the club also organizes “open shop days” where club members can learn about under-the-hood repair and maintenance from skilled gay and lesbian mechanics.

The group consists of 175 men and women who hail from across the Pacific Northwest including members from Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.   Their ranks boast amateur mechanics, racers, automotive enthusiasts, die cast model collectors, aftermarket parts designers, mechanics, automotive sales staff, automotive journalists, and automotive finance agents.  All ages, all makes, and all models, both of the human and automobile persuasion, are welcome in the BentCarGuys car club – all you need is a passion for cars to join.

Check out the new BentCarGuys Online Community forums at to swap stories, ask for some automotive advice, or learn about an upcoming BentCarGuys event.

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