Pride Education Network

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Formerly the Gay and Lesbian Educators (GALE), the Pride Education Network is a group of educators and advocates who are working together to make British Columbia’s school system a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment.

Pride Education NetworkThe Pride Education Network (PEN) consists of teachers, counsellors, support staff, child care workers, special education assistants, and community and youth workers in the school system as well as parents, college/university professors, pre-service teachers, retired educators, school administrators and school board trustees.

The group’s mission is to advocate for an inclusive, respectful environment for all students, staff and families, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity, within all B.C. educational institutions, through the development of concrete supports, policies, resources and actions.

As well as developing lesson plans and resources for teachers, the Pride Education Network provides guest speakers for conferences and staff training, advice and mentorship for educators and other school staff and recommends workshops for schools.

They also provide annual diversity scholarships for graduating students who have demonstrated leadership in their school related to addressing discrimination and creating a more inclusive school climate. In addition the group assists GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Clubs with bursaries to get started, as well as other community based groups that support LGBTQ youth across the province.

Pride Education Network (formerly Gay and Lesbian Educators)

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