Bash back: self-defense for the gay community

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With Vancouver’s Pride season quickly approaching, one local fitness expert says he wants to help keep the LGBTQ community safe with his Bash Back: Self-Defense for the Gay Community seminar on July 23, 2011.

Bash Back: self-defense seminar for the LGBT communityOrganizer and instructor Marcus Torgerson says this is his way of showing support for our community.

“I don’t identify as gay, but I have many dear friends in the LGBTQ community who I love and respect immensely,” said Torgerson.  “I whole heartedly believe in equal rights for the LGBTQ community and am showing my support in the best way I know how, and that is to teaching self-defense against hate crimes.”

Having held a number of self-defense seminars for women in the past, Torgerson says that like women, the LGBTQ community is also a highly targeted group.

“I believe that there has been a lot of progress in the acceptance of LGBT members in our community, but we still have a long way to go. Until that day comes, we should all continue raising awareness and make sure to be prepared.”

Torgerson insists that his seminar is not about teaching people to fight violence with violence but to provide some basic self-defense techniques to help people get out of a violent situation as quickly as possible.

“My goal is to empower and help them build confidence in their ability to protect themselves if the situation arises,” he explained.

Insisting all fitness levels are welcome to join the seminar, Torgerson does say even those with some experience will learn something new including basic self-defense tactics and effective responses to the most common attacks or physical altercations.

“There are no fancy moves here.  The goal is for the students to leave with a better sense of their surroundings and some new skills they can use to protect themselves and others.  This is about self-defense, not offense.  Participants are not encouraged to engage in violence. The focus is always on avoiding or escaping an attack,” he concluded.

Bash Back Vancouver: Self-Defense Seminar for the LGBT Community
Van East Studios
23 July 2011

Visit for more information and registration.

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