Dear Handsome Dad: A letter to Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver


Trish Kelly

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You know what, Handsome Dad? I’ve defended you. I’ve supported you. But it wasn’t until Trish Kelly decided to run for Park Board that I actually joined your party.

I joined because I actually think Trish could do some good in Vancouver. With all the nonsense involved with running for political office, the fact that anyone would run is alarming, let alone someone with as much to actually offer as Trish. And when people as committed, connected, organized, intelligent, caring, aware and just plain amazing step up, you stand the fuck behind them and give them your support. I sure as hell wouldn’t run! And I don’t trust most that do.

But I one-hundred percent believe that Trish Kelly’s motives are grounded in compassion, community and a commitment to positive social change. So I joined, and I voted, and I was standing by to vote come November. Vision was lucky to have her. Now you’ve thrown her under the bus. In doing so, you threw me and those of us who stood behind Trish under the bus too. Ouch.

And why? Because she made a hilarious, creative and funny video in the 90s about the masturbation life of a single girl? Really. Wait…REALLY?!

She didn’t smoke crack repeatedly. She didn’t misuse public funds. She didn’t give a municipal contract to her buddies.

And you can’t tell me Trish wasn’t up front about her past before now. She’s a smart woman, I don’t buy that this was news to anyone at Vision. So, why the sudden change of heart?

But beside all that, Trish has a decade’s long track record of community building, activism, artistic leadership and volunteerism. She gets it. And she does something about it. She is someone who can bring important voices to the table and who I actually trust to speak for me and my communities.

And this is how you treat her? This is how you treat us?

I’m enraged and disgusted but it has nothing to do with Trish Kelly’s adorable video. It has to do with a party that didn’t stand behind an incredibly strong candidate, a candidate that was elected head and shoulders above her fellow candidates.

It’s Vancouver, for crying out loud. Last time I checked, the only people allowed to vote were adults. Why are people acting like fifth graders?

This is an embarrassment for Vision, yes, but not because of Trish Kelly. I just hope this experience hasn’t turned Trish off running for election because we could really use more people like her in Vancouver. I’ll vote for her under any banner, but Vision has lost my confidence and my vote.

Way to go, Handsome Dad. You really blew it. At least Trish Kelly just jerked it.

Editor’s Note: we should be angry about this! What does gay Councillor Tim Stevenson have to say about this? Call Vision Vancouver at 604-568-6913 or email them at and tell them they have it wrong.  We need more people like Kelly, not less.

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