Dirt Squirrel is designed to make you happy about what you’ve got in your pants

Unless you’re going commando, underwear is one of those necessities of life, but long gone are the “tighty-whiteys” that your father used to wear (unless of course you’re wearing them ironically).  The latest entry into the underwear market, Dirt Squirrel, comes from two Vancouver friends Wade Hopwo and Daniel Lypchuk.

We caught up with the duo in this Q&A to find out more.

Vancouver born and raised, friends Wade and Daniel have an affinity for underwear that they want to share.

Vancouver born and raised, friends Wade and Daniel have an affinity for underwear that they want to share.

Where did the name Dirt Squirrel come from?

Dirt Squirrel was a term that some friends started to casually throw around to express shock or enthusiasm regarding another friend’s shenanigans. If someone called you a Dirt Squirrel, it was a light-hearted jab that underscored the fact that your actions were of questionable character. Dirt Squirrel was a catchy term that usually prompted a juicy story, smiles on faces and a good chuckle. We have had so much enjoyment out of it that we decided it was time to share it with everyone else.

Why an underwear company?

Underwear is a clothing item that many people overlook as being important to individual style. Having an affinity for a great pair of underwear ourselves, we wanted other people to fall in love with the first item people put on every day and make them happy about what they’ve got in their pants.

What are your backgrounds?

We both were born and raised in the Vancouver area. Our backgrounds are in Business Marketing from the University of British Columbia and Sociological Research from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Do either of you have a background in design?

If drawing, painting and hours of Photoshop count, then yes. All of our designs are based on upcoming trends, as well as personal preference of what we would like to wear.

Scroll down for your chance to win these three pairs of underwear valued at $50.

Scroll down for your chance to win these three pairs of underwear valued at $50.

The underwear market is a competitive one – what makes you stand out?

We have chosen bamboo fibre as our fabric for our boxers and briefs in order for the person wearing them to have an incredibly comfortable experience. Not only is our underwear made of comfortable fabric for easy wear; they are also available at very reasonable prices. Our brand is fashioned for the everyday, modern, progressive man and works to unite “Dirt Squirrels” from all walks of life.

You have a basic offering right now – do you have plans to expand your product line?

We just finished designing our second line of products and are currently working on creating samples and sorting out any kinks before going into production. We hope to have our new products completed and ready to sell on our website www.dirtsquirrel.ca by May.

You’re strictly online but do you have plans to expand to brick and mortar stores?

We are actively in discussion about getting our products into stores. While we don’t quite feel like it is time yet, we certainly foresee having our underwear in stores in the future. There are a few stores in Vancouver that we already have in mind.

What are your long-term plans for Dirt Squirrel?

We plan on being actively involved in the community and seeing Dirt Squirrel grow exponentially. Not only do we hope to see our fellow Vancouverites sporting the brand, but we expect to see Dirt Squirrel representing Vancouver in many other major cities, as well.

What are the trends in underwear you are seeing now and into the near future?

Society basically tells us that anything dangling off our bodies should be enhanced, supported or both. Therefore, crotch enhancement and support are two trends in underwear that are already prevalent. It isn’t uncommon to also see underwear with popular prints and an array of colors that stray far from the basic black and whites. Also, different varieties of fabrics are offered to appeal to a multitude of underwear wearing people. Of course, we can’t give away everything we have up our sleeve, but there will definitely be some fun new technologies and trends coming soon!

Visit http://dirtsquirrel.ca for more information or to order you own Dirt Squirrel underwear.

Enter to Win!

Our contest to win a trio of Dirt Squirrel underwear valued at $50.00 is now closed.  Congratulations to Oren S of Vancouver!  Oren has won his very own Dirt Squirrel jock, brief and boxer brief (pictured above).  Thanks to everyone that entered!

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