Dr. Peter among winners at 2012 AccolAIDS

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Dr Peter Jepson-Young was recognized, along with other community activists, at the recent Positive Living Society of British Columbia’s AccolAIDS award ceremony, honouring the heroes in BC’s HIV/AIDS movement.

The bi-annual AccolAIDS awards honour the extraordinary achievements and dedication of organizations, businesses, groups and individuals responding to the AIDS epidemic in BC, and the thousands of people living in BC who are affected.

Among the winners at the ceremony, which took place on April 29, 2012, was the AccolAIDS Legacy Award presented posthumously to Dr. Peter Jepson-Young.  This year marks 20 years since the death of Dr. Peter and serves as a reminder of his continued legacy. Just weeks before his death in 1992, Dr. Peter established the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation to provide comfort care for people living with HIV/AIDS.  In 1997, the Foundation opened the Dr. Peter Centre, an HIV/AIDS health care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS.

“We are so honored to accept this award. Peter would have been so proud that his life’s work has made such a lasting impact,” said Jepson-Young’s mother, Shirley Young, upon receiving the award on behalf of her son.

Dr. Peter’s sister, Nancy Hennessy, and Dr. Peter’s parents Shirley and Bob Young with Dr. Peter Jepson-Young’s Posthumous AccolAIDS Legacy Award
Dr. Peter Jepson-Young’s sister, Nancy Hennessy, and parents Shirley & Bob Young with his posthumous AccolAIDS Legacy Award

Maxine Davis, Executive Director of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, noted that the Foundation is continuing to build on Dr. Peter’s legacy: “Just as Dr. Peter responded to the challenges of his time, the Dr. Peter Centre is responding to today’s challenges in HIV/AIDS care, particularly for vulnerable individuals not well served by traditional health care.”

Other winners during the awards ceremony included Dr. Gabor Mate and Alex Tam who tied for the Health Promotion and Harm Reduction Award, with Tam also receiving the first-ever AccolAIDS People’s Choice Community Award.

Drag artist Joan-E received the Philanthropy Award; Emma Palmantier was presented with the Social, Political, and Community Action Award; Dr. Jack Forbes the Innovative Programs and Services Award; Glyn Townson the Kevin Brown PWA Hero Award; and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (Laboratory Program) received the Science/Research/Technology Award.

A complete list of nominees and winners of the 2012 AccolAIDS awards are available on the Positive Living Society of British Columbia website.

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