Enough! Vancouver’s Queer Community Takes to the Streets

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Vancouver’s queer community took over Davie Street April 5th for a rally demanding hate crime designations for gay bashings following the March 13th assault on Ritchie Dowrey at the Fountainhead Pub.

Vancouver Queer RallyAfter the march from Nelson Park down to English Bay, a number of local politicians and community activists spoke out against the recent gay bashing and called upon Attorney General Wally Oppal to toughen the laws around charging and sentencing of those that perpetrate violent crimes against the gay community in British Columbia.

Local drag queen Joan-E challenged the crowd to connect with the young people of British Columbia saying “they are the ones that will go to the polls” and “who will be our neighbours in a few years” and it is through education of the youth of our Province that we will ensure these types of violent crimes stop.

Vancouver-Burrard MLA Spencer Herbert hosted the afternoon event which also included Aaron Webster’s cousin Denise Norman who asked the crowd of several hundred that it is important to not forget victims such as Aaron as it is in remembering that true change can occur.



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