Forget the chocolates – do some good this Valentine’s Day

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Forget the flowers, the chocolates or the expensive night out and do some good for the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation this Valentine’s Day.

Do some good this Valentine's Day!With the Olympics and all of its visitors descending on Vancouver, finding a table at any restaurant is going to be a challenge, never mind trying to get to your favourite chocolate or flower store (and we all know a box of Olympic branded chocolates says “I Love You” about as much as a toaster).

So save yourself the headache and considering donating the usual cost of romance to the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation instead.

In return for your donation they will even send you recipes and wine pairings courtesy of Le Gavroche so you can create an intimate dining experience right in your own home.  And if that weren’t enough, Le Gavorche will even give you a $25 gift certificate for donations over $100.  Best thing?  No reservations are required!

You can donate online or call the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation at 604.331.3452.

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