Getting the message out about bullying at the local mall

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What better place to help get help get the anti-bullying message out than in the place where young people congregate: the local mall (and Facebook).

Metropolis at Metrotown Fights BullyingA hangout for teens since it opened its doors in 1986, Metropolis at Metrotown is encouraging local teens to speak up and share their anti-bullying message on Facebook (like the image right from Morgan, a Penticton student who is part of her school’s Cyber Awareness Safety group) for a chance to win some great prizes.

With a $1,000 mall gift card for the winner and a $500 gift card for their school’s anti-bullying program or anti-bullying charity on the line, the stakes are as high as the problem itself.

“Bullying is a big issue in our society and we want to offer a safe environment for people to share their stories and encouraging messages,” says Judy Black, Metropolis at Metrotown’s Marketing Director. “We not only want to reward people for speaking out against bullying, but want to support anti-bullying efforts and charities as well.”

Open to youth 13 years or older, enter by uploading a picture with an inspiring anti-bullying message, an anti-bullying campaign at your school or a personal story to the Metropolis at Metrotown Facebook page.  Entries will be judged by visitors to the same Facebook page.  The contest closes February 27, 2013.

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