Give a damn by giving a day

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$504.72 per day. That’s how much it costs to keep QMUNITY, British Columbia’s queer resource centre, open and providing vital services and programs to queer communities and individuals throughout the province each day.  Through its Give A Damn, Give A Day you can now make a direct impact on QMUNITY’s daily operations.

Give A Damn, Give A Day in support of QMUNITYWith its new fundraiser, helping QMUNITY and giving a damn about your community has never been easier.  Visit the QMUNITY website, pick a day and make the donation of $504.72.  That day at QMUNITY will then be brought to its patrons by you, your business or your organization and featured on the QMUNITY website, at their offices and through Facebook and Twitter.

“When you give a damn you make QMUNITY happen,” said QMUNITY Executive Director Jennifer Breakspear. “You ensure that our Prideline is answered when a troubled teen calls for help. You ensure that there are art supplies for seniors in our Generations program to express themselves creatively. You ensure that our Gab Youth program puts on a fabulous Queer Prom for LGTB youth. You ensure that our Education/Outreach program presents diversity workshops in hospitals. Because you give a damn QMUNITY happens.”

Just what does $504.72 mean to you?  According to Breakspear, it is less than the price of one Tim Horton’s coffee per day.  And if Starbucks is your thing, probably a whole lot less.

Give A Damn, Give A Day

QMUNITY supports our community 365 days a year and to do so we need to support QMUNITY 365 days a year.  Visit for more information and show you give a damn by giving a day.

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