Health Initiative for Men explores gay men’s lives in provocative web series


A scene from the new HIM webseries My F$cking Life.

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Health Initiative for Men (HIM) have teamed up with Vancouver’s Pull Focus Film School to create a new web series, exploring the ways in which some gay men hook up.

With its provocative title, My F$cking Life, the series centers on the sexual adventures of four local gay men, based on real-life stories gathered during the yearlong production process, with an aim to open a dialogue around the often explicit issues it explores, in an uncensored way.

A collection of stories told in the first person and recreated by volunteer actors, My F$cking Life tackles often taboo areas of gay life: everything from sex parties and group sex to bathhouse culture, HIV disclosure and open/poly relationships, substance use and harm reduction.

“We knew we wanted to make a web series about gay men’s lives, but we had no idea how much guys would be willing to share with us,” says Jody Jollimore, Senior Program Manager with Health Initiative for Men. “While the series is not representative of everyone’s life, it is the reality for some of the more adventurous guys in our community. We wanted to celebrate their sex without judgment. ”

Like most of HIM’s programs, the series deals with gay sexuality both positively and explicitly. At times the series has an almost documentary feel, but in fact each story has been recreated by volunteer actors.

“In the end, the guys you see on the screen are not the guys telling the stories,” says Jollimore, “we protected their privacy to ensure we got the most intimate details.”

There are currently five episodes now online at MyF$, with the final episode scheduled to be released on October 7.  Content warning: the series contains sexually explicit material.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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