In the pink: on February 27 wear it as statement against bullying

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Six year ago a couple of grade 12 students from Nova Scotia witnessed another student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The duo took a stand against bullying in their school by mounting a protest that saw many students wearing pink in solidarity with their fellow classmate.  Since then, that protest has grown into a national phenomenon with Pink Shirt Day celebrated in cities across Canada.  This year, Pink Shirt Day will take place in British Columbia on February 27, 2013.

Stand up against bullying by wearing pink on February 27, 2013.Helping to get the word out about Pink Shirt Day, London Drugs is once again the supplier of official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts with proceeds benefiting the CKNW Orphans’ Fund and local Boys and Girls Clubs to help foster local anti-bullying programs.  Over the past six years, London Drugs has helped raise more than $330,000 for Boys and Girls Clubs in Western Canada through the Pink Shirt Day Campaign.

“These funds have supported our anti-bullying programs that help children and youth to develop the skills to help to put an end to bullying in all of its forms,” said Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC in a news release.  “Our Club kids feel more confident standing up for a friend or classmate that they see being bullied, and some even talk about how they’ve been able to help their parents to better understand bullying. Now that’s impact!”

Sadly, the epidemic of bullying has spilled out of our classrooms and playgrounds into other parts of our lives.  One only needs to hear the recent story of Vancouver tennis star Rebecca Marino or the recent US study of adults to appreciate the insidious nature of cyber-bullying.

By wearing something pink on February 27 we can collectively send a message that we will not tolerate bullying in any form and remind the victims that they do not have to suffer alone and in silence.

Pink Shirt Day 2013
Wednesday, 27 February 2013

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