Just in time for Pride: locals promote “gay-for-a-day” kits

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Just in time for the 2010 Pride season, two Vancouver men have developed what they call their “Gay For a Day” kits to “help straight folks show their support” for the gay community in a fun way.

Raffaele and SteveIncluded in each kit is a brightly coloured t-shirt with the words “Gay For a Day” emblazoned on the front and the definition of the word gay on the back (as in “bright, cheerful, exuberant and full of high-spirited merriment”).  Also included in the kits are Mardi Gras beads, an LED flashing sunglasses plus a Pride flag and whistle.

“The idea came to me as I was watching the Amsterdam Pride parade on television,” explained Raffaele, founder of g-fad, the makers of the kit. “The camera focused in on a man sitting in a gondola going down the canal wearing a t-shirt that read “gay for a day”. For whatever reason, it struck a chord with me and I knew that I had to pursue this in a more widespread and meaningful way.”

But for Raffaele and his partner Steve Forsyth (pictured right) the kits aren’t just about having a bit of fun, they also serve as a fundraising opportunity for local non-profit organizations.  Groups like Covenant House and Friends For Life receive $4 for each kit they sell. g-fad will also donate a percentage of every kit they sell online to local beneficiaries.

g-fad’s mission of embracing, celebrating and supporting friends and family is one that speaks to all walks of life and certainly to that of the youth of whom we serve at Covenant House, and we are grateful for their support of our young people,” said Marty Staniforth, of Covenant House.

“Gay For A Day” kits are currently available in Vancouver at Bang-On Robson, Bang-On Davie and the Laughing Bean Coffee Co at 2695 East Hastings.

For more information on the g-fad “Gay For A Day” kits visit http://www.g-fad.com.

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