LesBiGay Personals goes virtual

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Ever wanted to find out what someone was like before your first date?  Frustrated by the limitations that traditional online dating sites offer?  With the addition of virtual dating (or vDate) to its online presence, LesBiGay Personals now gives you the ability to meet in a virtual world before committing to your first real world date.

vDate at LesBiGay PersonalsVirtual dating allows individuals to get to know the person behind the profile in an interactive environment that allows for a unique, interactive experience that goes far beyond chatting or instant messaging.

In a recent study by Harvard and MIT, researchers found that the online dater’s reaction is more positive towards individuals whom they have virtually dated than towards those whose profiles they have just read and that these effects carry forward through an initial face-to-face meeting. They found, in fact, that those who had virtual dates were twice as likely to have more than one offline date.

Singles that participate in virtual dates can get to know each other by listening to music, playing conversation provoking games and interacting through life-like, 3D avatars. The avatars will even respond to the text that is typed, providing an enjoyable, interactive experience. Type “LOL,” and your avatar laughs, hit the smile button and they smile; you can even kiss your date if it is going really well – and they give you permission, of course.

The vDate feature adds to LesBiGay Personals’s already significant array of member features, including instant messaging, email and vGifting. Virtual Dating has been proclaimed by Scientific American researchers as the next generation of online dating. However, it is still fairly unique among dating sites and LesBiGay Personals, as part of the Tangowire network, is excited to be one of the first mainstream networks in the industry to offer it to their members.

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Disclaimer: The LesBiGay Personals domain is owned by GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online) and is used through its affiliation of the Tangowire network of dating websites.

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