A love letter to Russia: David C Jones


A love letter to Russia from David C Jones.

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As the world watches the Winter Olympics in Russia, six Vancouver writers have penned and written love letters to show love and support to its oppressed and ostracized queer citizens. Vancouver actor, filmmaker, teacher and professional emcee David C Jones continues the series with the fourth in the series.

In the coming days the remaining two video letters will be released, written and read by Charles Demers and C. E. Gatchalian. The video series is curated by C. E. Gatchalian with videography by Geoff Peters and produced through the frank theatre company. Love letters have already been written and read by Lucia Frangione, Aaron Chan and Nicola Harwood.

“Your issue, if I may be so bold, is the same issue many people face, which is the homophobic assholes in your world. There are not a lot of them, they just make a ton of noise and yes, they can be as violent as they are stupid but they are in the minority. You have a lot of allies who are understanding and sympathetic. Many of those are often quiet but they are there.” – David C Jones

David C. Jones is an arts lover and a critical thinker. He makes films, directs plays, teaches, is a professional emcee and writes for the OUTtv website and The Charlebois Post. Follow David on Twitter or visit him online at DavidCJones.ca.

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