A love letter to Russia: Lucia Frangione

As the world watches as Russia hosts the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and reacts in horror to the oppression and ostracization of its queer citizens, six Vancouver writers’ pen and read love letters to Russia.

With the opening ceremonies barely a memory, award-winning Vancouver author and actor Lucia Frangione reads the first of the six letters.

In the coming days, as the Olympics continue, the five remaining video letters will be released, written and read by Aaron Chan, Charles Demers, C. E. Gatchalian, Nicola Harwood and David C. Jones.  The video series is curated by C. E. Gatchalian with videography by Geoff Peters and produced through the frank theatre company.

“I pray for strength, courage and victory for those who stand for justice on behalf of the gay community. As we know from Christ’s teachings, imprisonment, violence and discrimination is antithetical to His holy words.” – Lucia Frangione

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