A love letter to Russia: Nicola Harwood


Vancouver writer and artist Nicola Harwood (with a little help from some friends) reads the third in the Love Letters to Russia series.

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As the world continues to watch Sochi host the Olympic Winter Games, six Vancouver writers have penned and written love letters to Russia to show love and support to its oppressed and ostracized queer citizens.

Vancouver artist and writer Nicola Harwood (with a little help from some friends) continues the series with the third of six letters.

In the coming days the remaining video letters will be released, written and read by Charles Demers, C. E. Gatchalian, and David C. Jones.  The video series is curated by C. E. Gatchalian with videography by Geoff Peters and produced through the frank theatre company. Love letters have already been written and read by Lucia Frangione and Aaron Chan.

Nicola Harwood is an artist and writer who is mostly gay, Brahm Taylor is an actor and musician who is mostly happy and Patrice Leung is a filmmaker who is mostly obedient. All three live, work and play in mostly gay Vancouver. This video is dedicated to Pussy Riot and Dario Fo. Long live satire. Long live punk.

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