Making Family: workshop helps LGBTQ parents navigate challenges


Making Family: A Weekend Workshop for LGBTQ People Considering Parenthood

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Hot on the heels of Family Day, British Columbia’s new mid-winter holiday, the BC Council of Families will host a three-day Making Family workshop targeted specifically at prospective LGBTQ parents.

“When people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer decide they want to have children, their road to parenthood is often a lengthy process full of complex legal, emotional and financial challenges,” says the BC Council for Families in a release.

To help prospective LGBTQ parents learn more about their options for becoming parents, the BC Council for Families will host the weekend-long workshop that will cover the different methods of becoming parents such as pregnancy, pregnancy through donor insemination, adoption, co-parenting and surrogacy.

The workshop will be facilitated by Rachel Epstein (PhD), an LGBTQ parenting activist, educator and researcher. Epstein is the author of the Best Start Resource Centre’s manual “Welcoming and Celebrating Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Families: From Preconception to Preschool”, editor of the 2009 anthology, “Who’s Your Daddy? And Other Writings on Queer Parenting” and she recently completed her doctoral dissertation entitled “Married, Single or Gay: Queerying and Trans-forming the Practices of Assisted Human Reproduction Services”.

According to the BC Council of Families release, Epstein will also cover diverse family configurations, current research on LGBTQ parenting and the legal issues around parenting. The content of the course will be modified to suit the needs and interests of the participants, and participants are encouraged to bring their partners, potential co-parents and friends.

The BC Council for Families is a provincial non-profit organization that develops programs, workshops and resources for families in British Columbia, recognizing the diversity of the modern family including same-sex parents, single parents, couples, adoptive parents and grandparents.

For more information on the BC Council for Families or to register for the Making Family workshop visit

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