Rainbow bridge may join Vancouver’s rainbow crosswalks


Organizers of a petition want to transform the Burrard Street bridge into the biggest pride rainbow ever.

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One of Vancouver’s most photographed intersections at the corner of Davie and Bute Streets in the West End may get a little competition if organizers of a petition get their way to install a giant rainbow on the Burrard Street Bridge.

With 1,200+ signatures already collected at the time of publication, the Change.org petition is asking the City of Vancouver to allow a giant rainbow to be installed on the trusses of one of our city’s oldest landmarks. Photo above: Rainbow Warrior / Change.org.

The petition reads in part: “Vancouver is an inclusive city, let’s show the world. We’re going to transform the Burrard Bridge into a symbol of acceptance and inclusion. This is your opportunity to show your love and support for your city, and the LGBTQ community.”

Plans are to feature the signatures of thousands of Vancouverites on the rainbow itself, including those that sign the petition.

Some of the comments already posted on the petition’s page read:

“Because I don’t want anyone feeling they don’t belong.”

“This should cost a lot less than the $150K that was going to be spent for a giant yoga session and it is definitely more worthwhile.”

“A rainbow over the burrard bridge would be cool and fun, not to mention great karma.”

“Because this city rocks already, and why not show the whole damn world. No-fun-city, my ass.”


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