In search of strokers and crankers

What’s the difference between a stroker and a cranker?  Get your mind into a different gutter … they are actually bowling terms!

The English Bay Bowling League is looking for new members.

The English Bay Bowling League is looking for new members.

One of the oldest gay and lesbian bowling leagues in the Vancouver area, the English Bay Bowling League begins its new season at REVS Bowling Centre in Burnaby and they are looking for new members.

Bowling takes place every Sunday night from September through May and with teams like Who’s Your Daddy?, The Four Tops and Straight Shooters (yes, the league is straight friendly) you know that while they might take their bowling seriously, it is also done with a great deal of fun.

“Bowling is great for socializing, meeting new friends, exercise and everybody is very accepting whether you’re gay or straight,” says Michael Poulin, Vice-President of the league.  “The best part is the challenge of keeping a consistent average and enjoying the company of other bowlers.”

Welcoming all skill levels from beginners to more seasoned bowlers, the league takes singles, doubles or teams.

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