Stories Wanted: Vancouver’s Queer History Project

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According to Vancouver’s Queer History Project, “queer history is often marginalized, unrecorded, forgotten or lost. Many of us come out and join queer communities without ever having had a chance to learn about the queers who came before us-their lives, their struggles, their parties, their heroes, their secrets…

Photo: SamSivertz, originally posted on QueerHistoryProject.comThe folks behind hope to change all that.

Under the umbrella of Out On Screen, the Queer History Project has developed their interactive website as a place where the Vancouver queer community can create, explore and share our collective history inviting the community to define its ongoing history.

Some of the recent stories at the Queer History Project include Burying Great-Uncle Bob, the story of a great-uncle who comes out at age 67, photos of Vancouver drag artists from 1986 from James Loewen and a video interview with Genie-winning, Vancouver-based filmmaker Aerlyn Weissman, whose directing credits include the classic Forbidden Love.

Always looking for new content, the Queer History Project is holding a workshop on April 28, 2009 on the mechanics of contributing your own stories to the site.

Photo: SamSivertz, originally posted on

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