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Survey Says: CBRC Sex Now Survey

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Since 2011 the Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC), a gay men’s health organization based in Vancouver, has been collecting data through its Sex Now Survey, an anonymous questionnaire that has provided insights into into gay and bi men’s sexual habits.

The Sex Now Survey is Canada’s largest survey of gay men’s health. The survey covers a wide range of topics concerning the lives of gay and bi men – including sex, discrimination, health, and relationships – and this year it is focused on exploring the differences between generations of gay men. The data of past surveys have been used to inform community action, policies, and programming.

“…Sex Now continues to collect and reflect our experiences with sexual rights and social justice in Canada – how they’ve affected our well-being and access to healthcare,” says Simon Lam of the CBRC.

The goal for this year’s survey is for 10,000 gay and bisexual men across Canada to participate.

“This year, we’re dedicated to again boldly take gay health research where it has never gone before. We’re asking at least 10,000 guys across Canada to do Sex Now,” says Lam. “Whether informing policy debates at all levels of government or building community-level improvements, data matters. Just a few minutes of your time will help to shape the future of gay men’s health in Canada.”

The CBRC will continue to collect data for its Sex Now Survey through April. Visit to add your voice.

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