Theatre moves into the nightclub with a visit to the Emerald City

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Mnemonic Theatre Productions is out to blur the lines between party and performance with its upcoming event, twisting the classic tale of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz.

Anarachy in Oz: A Rebellion in Emerald CityAcknowledging a dwindling attendance by younger theatre patrons, Mnemonic is looking to non-traditional venues of nightclubs to bring theatre to a new demographic.

“If we can’t get a younger crowd to the theatre, then we will bring theatre to the younger crowd,” says Mnemonic Artistic Producer Caleb McMullen.

One part theatrical story-telling and one part party, guests will get to decide how much or how little they engage with the story being told.  At the upcoming event guests will enter the world of Oz and encouraged to take sides as a war is waged between the Wizard and the Wicked Witch.  Organizers say that the evening will turn into a celebration once the winner of the war is determined.

By taking familiar stories and making them edgy and fun, McMullen believes that his young theatre company will be able to appeal to the club culture in a way that will open the door to further interest in theatrical events.

“It’s about finding a way to bridge the gap. Younger crowds often think that there is nothing for them in theatre. We would like to politely prove them wrong,” he asserts.

Anarachy in Oz: A Rebellion in Emerald City
Sunday, April 28 at 7pm – 1am
Joe’s Apartment,
919 Granville Street, Vancouver

Part party, part show. Be a citizen of Oz as the Fascist Wizard and the Anarchist Wicked Witch vie for your support to take over Emerald City.  Visit for tickets and information.

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