Vancouver’s Sandman Hotel celebrates Pride with rainbow roof


Vancouver's Sandman Hotel celebrates Pride with rainbow roof.

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First it was rainbow crosswalks and now it is rainbow roofs as the Sandman Suites on Davie Street sports a brand new look at the top of its property in the heart of Vancouver’s gay village.

Just a stone’s throw from the rainbow crosswalks that were unveiled around the same time last year at the corner of Davie and Bute streets, the Sandman Suites has painted its roof with a seven metre high and 17 metre long rainbow of its own, just in time for the 2014 Vancouver Pride celebrations.

“We are proud to call this community our home and want to illustrate our pride by painting the iconic rainbow crowned on-top of our hotel,” says Valentina Tang, General Manager of Sandman Suites Vancouver.

To be a permanent fixture on one of the tallest buildings in the Davie Street corridor, the rainbow not only reflects the hotel’s location inside Vancouver’s gay village, but according to Tang is also a reflection of the hotel’s commitment to diversity and support for the local community.

Given its elevation, the rainbow is visible well beyond the hotel’s Davie Street address.

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