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Does your online dating service have the safe alternative to the first face-to-face date?  LesBiGay Personals does!

Virtual DatingDon’t get pressured into meeting a stranger before you’re ready!  Virtual dating is very intuitive and resembles a typical IM chat. Users interact through photo-realistic 3D characters (avatars), which respond naturally to the typed text and provide a fun dating experience (e.g., typing LOL makes an avatar laugh).

Users can even blow a kiss or reach over and touch the hand of the other avatar. Virtual dating is 100% browser-based and does not require users to install any software. It’s simple to get started.

FIND the member you are interested in, INVITE the member to a vDate, Start your DATE!

Join Today!  Visit http://www.lesbigay.ca to experience your own virtual dates!

Disclaimer: The LesBiGay Personals domain is owned by GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online) and is used through its affiliation of the Tangowire network of dating websites.

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