Contest Closed: Enter to Win Impro-Vivor Granville Island Tickets

Our contest to win tickets to Impro-Vivor Granville Island is now closed.  Congratulations to Sunshine G, Rebecca H and Grace D who have all won tickets to the June 25th show!

Impro-Vivor Granville Island

Impro-Vivor Granville Island has eight improvisers stranded on the remote regions of Granville Island. Two tribes savagely battle against one another for immunity. Each tribe must work together to build scenes, secure laughs,and survive the island. Improvisers must compete, calling upon all of their improv skills, as they try to out gag, out laugh and out shop one another.

At the end of each grueling round, one tribe will hike deep into centre stage to take part in the tribal council where the defeated tribe must vote one of their own off the island.

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