Closed Contest: Win a Dudley Saunder’s CD

Our contest to win a copy of Dudley Saunder’s CD The Emergency Lane is now closed.  Congratulations to our winners: Charlene S, Rob P, Lori B  and Maria B.

The Emergency Lane

Dudley Saunder’s The Emergency Lane

A self-described mix of Hank Williams country, Joni Mitchell-jazz and Radiohead art-rock.

Over the course of three albums, “avant-folk” singer-songwriter Dudley Saunders has populated a veritable township with his strange, Flannery O’Connor-ish characters. And now he is literally putting that “town” online, in a unique new website. At, web-surfers find a panoramic, 1920’s-era photo of the entire population of a small town. But as they scroll through the sepia-toned crowd, they discover that the twisted people in Dudley’s songs are hidden there. Signs appear over them: Whore. Killer. Masochist. A click brings you video of Dudley taking you inside the fascinating background on the songs and the characters’ lives.

As F.A.M.E. describes it, “Saunders is exploring the darker corners of the psyche and culture with a psychologist’s fascination for the aberrant. The lovely chamber strings and lamentive minor chords? They’re meant to lure you into the composer’s webwork of madness, seamy side streets, subtle transgressions, and forever menacing shadows with their smacking lurkers.” And the people hidden in Dudley’s town are (says NEXT BIG THING REVIEW) “the people behind locked doors, or hidden in crowds or just out of sight a scary beautiful dream.”


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