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The frank theatre company is All In

The frank theatre company opens its season with the world premiere of Jan Derbyshire’s new play, All In.

Diversity wreaks hilarious havoc when six individuals from different ethnic, religious, sexual and ability backgrounds come together at an upscale workshop about “belonging.” All In is inspired by the real-life stories of the participants of this year’s All the World’s A Stage, the frank theatre company’s program that builds bridges across differences through theatre arts.

Five members of the production – Pegah Behbehani, Monique Fillon, Salvador Ramirez, Sarah Rose and Andrew Vallance – were selected from the nineteen participants of the All the World’s A Stage workshop in May 2013 and, for the last two months, have been trained in the basics of theatre production by professional theatre artists. For most of them, All In marks their professional debut as theatre artists.

Culture Vulture David C Jones speaks with writer and director Jan Derbyshire and members of the cast of All In.

All In runs October 15-17, 2013 (8pm) at the PAL Studio Theatre, 581 Cardero Street, Vancouver. Visit for tickets or for more information.

David C JonesDavid C. Jones is an arts lover and a critical thinker. He makes films, directs plays, teaches, is a professional emcee and writes for the OUTtv website and The Charlebois Post.

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