Gay Top Model confesses walking really is hard

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With just over a month under his belt as winner of the 2010 Gay Top Model contest, we caught up with Fraser recently to talk about the experience and find out that for all the razzing models take, walking really is hard.

FraserVancouver’s Gay Top Model competition isn’t Fraser’s first foray into modeling as he successfully competed in The Odyssey’s calendar contest last year. Following on from that success, and convinced by a few people that competing in the Gay Top Model competition might be good fun, he signed up. And the fact that family and friends approved appears to have made it an even more enjoyable experience.

“My family and friends all loved the idea,” said Fraser. “They thought of me as a mini-celebrity. It was all fun! I had a lot of support from everyone who knew I was in the competition, so I had a blast doing it.

And while those around him insisted he had a pretty good chance of winning, he is still surprised to find himself coming out on top.

“All I remember in the last few seconds before the winner was announced was the chanting for the other three contestants and not hearing one ‘Fraser’ through the wall of chants. From the chanting and shouting I heard, I honestly thought Riley had it in the bag.”

“The preparation for that final show was hardest,” Fraser continued.

And, apparently, so was walking.

“Walking is hard,” admitted Fraser. “I was even told once that I walked like I had just taken a dump in my pants! It was so embarrassing.”

For someone that few would argue doesn’t look good in his underwear, the idea that a competition like Gay Top Model objectifies the competitors is simply a non-issue. Besides, he says, even though Gay Top Model might objectify the young men who participate, he is convinced, like himself, they liked it.

“It’s hard to not be objectified these days – appearances are a big part of everything. I bet that all of the guys who had their friends swoon and talk about their shirtless, or even clothed, pictures loved every second of it. I did. It’s nice to be complimented on your looks. It’s a great confidence booster for sure.”

The concept of the starving model for Fraser might be a bit foreign to him but that isn’t to say he didn’t take his preparation for the finale seriously. While he says he isn’t super careful with what he eats, having a mom that is somewhat of a health nut made it pretty easy for him to eat healthy and look good in his swim and under wear.

But while he says he didn’t starve himself, it is obvious that exercise played an important role in getting him into his competition shape complete with those well defined abs.

“I go to Griffins Boxing Club in North Vancouver everyday for a workout. It’s a great workout and super fun! Sometimes I go twice a day if I am all jazzed up on life,” he admitted.

And it is evident that being “jazzed up on life” is what will ultimately carry Fraser forward as he has just been picked up by a Seattle modeling agency that he hopes will give him the opportunity to travel and work around the world. But until then, it looks like things are pretty much the same for Fraser as he continues “working out, living healthy and living life”.

And no doubt working on those abs.

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