Celebrate Pride with a gift of music

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Having recently heard on Twitter that Pride is like Gay Christmas, what better way to celebrate than with a gift of music from Vancouver comedian Morgan Brayton and musician Laura Lee Schultz.

Morgan Brayton: Songs in the Key of RaccooneryA cautionary tale, Brayton readily admits there really is little depth as to why she decided to record Don’t which comes from her album Songs in the Key of Raccoonery!.

“You probably want to hear some moving “It Gets Better” type story but, the truth is, I was trying to put on mascara in a moving vehicle. It hurt,” said Brayton. “Then I started thinking up other things you shouldn’t do and it led to writing this song.”

After having written the lyrics, it wasn’t until she handed them over to Schultz though that it found its current groove.

“I think my initial concept was more of a love song kind of song,” said Brayton.  “But when I handed the lyrics and tune over to LL for her to create the music, she turned it into the club hit it will surely soon be.”

Having only recently decided to release the song as a free download as their little Pride gift, Schultz came up with the idea to create a video and Brayton soon found herself in her basement recording herself dancing in the gold lamé outfit she says she keeps on hand for occasions like this.

“What you can’t see in the video is that I’m covered in Vaseline. Totally unrelated to the video, I’m just telling you,” she said.  “Then LL took the video and made it all When Doves Cry.  So, yeah, as usual, I come up with some stupid idea, record it, and then she tweaks it and makes it into an actual thing. That is our process.”

While admitting that the song’s lyrics came easily, given how practiced she is at telling others what to do, the line “don’t talk about boobs if you like balls” did seem somewhat out-of-place for a lesbian, but Brayton has an explanation.

“I don’t want to get too theoretical on you here but, from a purely comedy perspective, ending on the word balls is just funnier than the other way around,” she said.  “But if you prefer boobs to balls, we support that too. You know, if that’s your sick weird thing.

Those that know Brayton know she is a huge supporter of Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), so it should come as no surprise to see cats play a role in the song’s video.

“The cat is our foster cat Prince who is currently available for adoption through VOKRA,” said Brayton. “Prince is a big supporter of gay rights. And of napping. He hopes you have a safe and happy Pride and so do we!”

Don’t (from the album Songs in the Key of Raccoonery!)

Download the song for FREE at http://morganbrayton.bandcamp.com. For more information on the song collaborators visit http://www.morganbrayton.com or http://www.lauraleeschultz.com.

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