Eccentric duo, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, to play Media Club

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Mr. Quintron is a very eccentric concert and nightclub organist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He plays music on a custom made Hammond / Rhodes combo synthesizer / organ (which he’s got all built up to look like a car with real working headlights) backed by raw simple drum machine beats and his own patented invention THE DRUM BUDDY – a rotating, light-activated analog synthesizer with five oscillator circuits that create drum sounds. It is played much in the same way that a DJ spins and scratches records.

Mr QuintronJay Poggi (aka Quintron) has described his organ playing as a cross between the stylings of Raymond Scott, the composer whose music was famously used in Warner Bros. cartoons, and jazz organist Jimmy Smith. Aside from his organ playing, Poggi is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on traditional items like guitar, drums, and trumpet, as well as homemade inventions such as the Disco Light Machine, an attachment for drums where light is triggered by sound; the Spit Machine, a drum machine powered by saliva; and, of course, the Drum Buddy.

Of course lets not forget about Miss Pussycat (aka Panacea Theriac) who plays maracas and sings backup as well as entertaining all age groups with her highly amusing technicolor puppet shows. The Quintron / Miss Pussycat experience is one of barely controlled electronic chaos, “Swamp-Tech” beats, small explosions, incredible clothes, and entertaining puppet stories. You can see them perform regularly at the Spellcaster Lodge in New Orleans, Louisiana or on one of their many tours around the world. This act somehow has equal relevance in sleazy nightclubs, pizza restaurants, and university lecture halls.”

Quintron and Miss Pussycat bring their unique show and music to the Media Club on August 1st.  Tickets are just $15 each (plus service charges) and are available online at Live Nation or by calling 604-280-4444.

GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online) are also giving you a chance to win tickets to see the show.

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