Eric Himan’s style is a mix of folk-soul and pop-rock

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Award-winning Oklahoma-based out gay musician Eric Himan makes his Vancouver debut this coming Friday.  We caught up with Eric as he was making his way up the West Coast, to find out a little more about him and his music.

Eric Himan makes his Vancouver debut on March 29, 2013.

Pursuing his music career for some twelve years now, Himan says that he originally got into the ‘biz’ because of his musical influences that include Ani DIFranco, Etta James and Janis Joplin.  With such an eclectic mix of influencers, it isn’t difficult to understand why Himan describes his music as a mix of folk-soul and pop-rock and while like many other musicians who are inspired from those around him, it is discovering something new through his music that helps set him apart.

“I draw inspiration from the people I meet and the situations that arise I feel no one has addressed in a song for me,” he says.

Currently on a tour of the West Coast this spring to promote his new album Under the Ink, Himan explains the album title comes from the array of tattoos that he has acquired over the years “describing who I am underneath the exterior of them.”

While his March 29, 2013 performance at the Haze Public House on Howe Street will be the first time he will play to Vancouver audiences, he is no stranger to Canada having crossed the border previously to play in Montreal, Toronto, and Kingston.  Surprisingly it is a local fan that convinced him to come north for his Vancouver debut: “a listener, Jeremy, wanted to see if I would jaunt up that way to play a show.”

With Vancouver part of this current nine state and one province tour, Himan says that touring as much as he does has both its benefits and drawbacks.

“I enjoy the parts of getting to meet new people, going to new places, but I do have a husband, a home, two dogs that make it hard to leave for tour sometimes,” he says.

Like many musicians, Himan is branching out and has recently begun producing a live internet cooking show called Trial and Eric.

“I wanted to learn to cook after never really knowing how and being intimidated by it,” he explains. “I overcame that fear, took classes and fell in love with the process of cooking and trying new foods. Also being a picky eater, made it easier to try foods once I made them myself to my own liking.”

Who knows, maybe if you ask nicely enough he might just cook up a dish or two along with a couple of songs.

Eric Himan Live
Friday, 29 March 2013 @ 8pm
Haze Public House, 1180 Howe Street, Vancouver

Tickets are $10 at the door.  Visit to learn more.

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