Matthew David has come a long way

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Matthew David has come a long way from his life in rural Saskatchewan as the son of a devout Baptist minister. On November 26th he will release his first CD whose first single, Masquerade, proclaims “This is me, here I am!” – the end of his own masquerade and a coming out to himself, his family and his fans.

Matthew DavidHaving moved to Abbotsford at age five, Matthew David found himself in a Christian private school taught to believe in the importance of spirituality – and that homosexuality was immoral and a sin.

As a teen, Matthew came to the realization that he was gay. He had been told this was wrong, that it was not acceptable and he was convinced his friends, his family and his church would forsake him if they were to find out. Like far too many gay teens he was forced into hiding, which led to depression and thoughts of suicide.

With no one to turn to, Matthew turned to music. At 18, he moved to the UK to attend the London School of Performing Arts where his music teacher became his mentor and counseled him out of his self-hate.

After returning to Canada, Matthew quickly established himself as an up-and-coming investment banker, but couldn’t ignore his true passion in life – singing. At age 26, he quit his job to pursue his singing career.

Immediately, he was faced with the difficult decision of whether to follow the path of an openly gay musician, or continue to keep his sexuality hidden.

His defining moment came after watching the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So which put him at ease with his sexuality, but also alerted him to the heart-breaking statistic of gay-teen suicide rates.

Matthew decided that he could no longer hide and came out to his family and started to make music with a powerful message – that it’s okay to be who you are. His single, Masquerade, was released earlier this year and received radio airplay almost instantly.

Matthew’s powerful vocals, paired with lyrics that challenge traditional thoughts and philosophies on sexuality and religion, create a sound that transcends pop, alternative rock and gospel and challenges thoughts and philosophies on spirituality and sexuality.

On November 26, Matthew will release his first CD, a six-song collection that features collaborations with American singer/songwriter Levi Kreis as well as Grammy-winning producers HitPlay at a special red carpet event at The Media Club in Vancouver with partial proceeds to support the Kids Help Phone.

Tickets are just $15 each available online or enter for your chance to win two pairs of tickets courtesy of Thorn Records and GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online)!

Visit for more information and to hear his single Masquerade and other songs from his new album.

Matthew David CD Release Party
26 November 2009 @ 7:30pm
The Media Club, 695 Cambie Street
Tickets are $15 each and available online with partial proceeds going to support the Kids Help Phone.

Round up the entourage, glam yourself up and step onto the red carpet at The Media Club for Matthew David’s debut album release – it will be a night you won’t soon forget!  Matthew will be joined by an all-star supporting cast, including host Ryan Steele (The Ryan Steele Show, Much Music Video on Trial) as well as performances by Laurell) and S&M (the duo of James Sadoway and Jerome Mandrake).

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