Lesbian pop duo launches online LGBT music video channel

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As Sugarbeach, Vancouver’s lesbian pop/dance duo, began creating their own music videos they soon discovered that there was something missing: a globally accessible online video channel where openly queer artists could easily share their music and videos. So rather than lament the lack of such a video channel they did something about it
and launched Right Out TV.

SugarbeachCreated, produced and hosted by Vancouver lesbian duo Marlee Walchuk & Tully Callender of Sugarbeach,
Right Out TV is what they are referring to as “a place where the global LGBTQ community can view a constant stream of music videos from ‘out’ artists telling their stories.”

“Now, maybe more than ever, queer youth need mentors and role models from our community,” explained Walchuk and Callendar. “Here they will see pioneers like Tret Fure from the United States to newcomers like Australian Jungal and be exposed to artists they may not have otherwise come across”.

Along with the videos,
Right Out TV will also feature interviews with the artists, public service
announcements and even live performances.

Sugarbeach (pictured right) are not only partners in music they are partners in real life having married recently after having met in Tully’s native Australia. Forming Sugarbeach in 2007, the couple released their first album, “I Just Love Girls” in 2008 which stayed at #1 on the GLBT top 40 OutVoice chart for three months. The duo’s second album, “Not Deserted” was released in July 2009 and were nominated for Outstanding International Song of the Year at the 2009 OutMusic Awards for their song “Mama I Love Her”.

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