Peter Breeze continues to be obsessed with fame

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With his latest single LA, Vancouver singer-songwriter Peter Breeze explores his ongoing obsession with fame, inspired by some of music’s most tragic contemporaries.

Peter Breeze: Bonnie & Clyde“I actually started writing [LA] initially about girls I knew in the scene and then I started drawing inspiration from Britney and Lindsay,” explains Breeze as to where the idea for this first single and video from his new album Bonnie & Clyde which is now available on iTunes.

Exploring the different stages an artist goes through to get what they want, Breeze uses his trademark wild imagery, with the help of longtime collaborator Rami Mikhail, to portray the destructive nature of fame.

“The blood represents me willing to bleed for what I want … the over the top look is the creation of an over the top persona designed to fulfill the expectations we put on our pop stars and then the deconstruction of that with me messing up my makeup, taking off my eye lashes,” explains Breeze.

While Breeze admits LA is a departure from his last single Taxi, it still tells a similar story.

“I’m still talking about fame and nightlife, I’m just discussing it in a less superficial way,” he says. “I am still inspired by many of the same things, I’m just looking at them from different perspectives.”

As the first single from his new full-length album, LA finds itself part of a collection of songs Breeze says had an obvious theme that took shape as he began to put the album together.

“Since I’m drawn to the infamous and the album is about destructive relationships Bonnie & Clyde just seemed perfect. Plus I love the idea of a romantic spree of destruction,” says Breeze as to the origins of the album’s title.

Bonnie & Clyde is available for download on iTunes.  For more information on Peter and his music visit

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