Peter Breeze is okay with being an unapologetically gay and in-your-face pop star

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With vampires all the rage right now it probably isn’t too surprising to see
local musician Peter Breeze flirting on the fringes of the genre in his latest video X-Rated
. But in the unique Breeze style, the idea goes beyond simple blood suckers
to more profound heart stealers whose job is to go into the world, seduce unknowing
victims and bring back their bloody hearts to Breeze.

Peter BreezeCommenting
on the extremes some people go to in order to attain love, the idea for the video actually
came from a conversation Breeze (pictured second from left with some of his dancers
from the video at the recent video release party) had with his creative director Dani Barnes. “She told me she had
to go put on her skinny jeans and leather jacket and go break a heart,” explained
Breeze. “I told her to bring back a piece for me and we both were just like, oh
my god, what a cool concept: the idea of collecting hearts.”

For Breeze though the video goes beyond a simplistic relationship between the
heart and love. “It’s symbolic. We used love as a reference, but really the hearts
could mean anything … sex … power … fame”.

Five months in the making, which included a full three days of filming, Breeze is not
only happy with the response the video (which you can see below) has received since landing on Youtube on
August 28th. “It was a lot of work and I think everyone’s time, talent and dedication
is really paying off,” said Breeze.

Not so much inspired by music than he is by people, Breeze looks to the likes
of Courtenay Love and Michael Alig for his inspiration. “Their ambition, drive,
ruthlessness; they just stuck out to me,” explained Breeze. “They were like lightning
in the middle of the day, you know? It doesn’t matter how morally corrupt they are
that’s not what I find fascinating … it’s the mark they left. They immortalized
themselves in a way I find interesting and inspiring.”

It isn’t difficult to see how people like Love and Alig have an influence on
Breeze, with his own unapologetically in-your-face attitude. Add the gay card to
the mix, and while he finds it interesting that people use his personality and sexuality
to describe him, Breeze doesn’t shy away from embracing that description.

“Obviously being gay is still a foreign concept to a lot of people and that’s
why people associate what I do with who I fuck,” said Breeze. “Being unapologetic
and in-your-face is another rare quality so it makes sense that that’s the quality
that sticks out in peoples mind. I think it definitely puts me in a position where
people will form strong opinions of me based on who I am, as opposed to what I do
and if that’s how I am going to be judged then I better make sure I’m giving them
the best damn “unapologetically gay and in-your-face” pop star I can … and I think
I am.”

Now planning a tour, Breeze tells us he is itching to get on the road and “spread
his glitter”. And no doubt he will continue living his own best advice: “if you
want be a star, then act like a star; believe you’re a star … if you do, so will
everyone else.”

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