Scissor Sisters set to perform Malkin Bowl September 16

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Back with their latest album ‘Night Work’, dance masterminds Scissor Sisters will light up Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park on September 16th.

scissor-sisters-largeWhile the new album from this disco-glam-rock-pop group, what the Daily Herald described as “dramatic, danceable and definitively cool”, will undoubtedly turn some heads with its subject matter, it will definitely get you up dancing.

“It’s a dream record,” says band member, Jake Shear. “It’s everything we haven’t been able to pull off before. ’Night Work’ is really us boiled down to who we are. It feels quintessentially us.”

There are key influences in there – you’ll hear them range from Giorgio Moroder to The Cult and Frankie Goes to Hollywood to ZZ Top – but three albums in, Scissor Sisters have nailed their sound and rekindled the magic that took them from dirty New York gay bars to the Royal Albert Hall. Significantly perhaps, this time around it’s a little less Albert Hall, and a little more Prince Albert.

“It encapsulates that moment when you’re out, and you’re really high, and it feels like there’s no way you could ever come down,” says Jake.

What does it feel like to be a Scissor Sister in 2010? Babydaddy has the answer. “It feels,” he says, “like we’re ready.”

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Scissor Sisters
Malkin Bowl Stanley Park
16 September 2010 @ 7pm

Tickets are $35 (plus service charges) available Friday, July 9th at Live Nation online or by calling 604.280.4444.

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