Queer Canadian singer and social activist comes to Vancouver

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Canadian singer, songwriter and social activist Faith Nolan, in Vancouver for the Downtown Eastside’s Annual Women’s Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women, is set to perform at Rhizome Café on Saturday, February 12th.

Faith NolanOrganziers say the evening’s event is an opportunity for Faith to play in an intimate setting with friends and fans while helping raise funds to make her trip possible.

Self-taught, Faith’s music has been described as a mix of blues, folk and jazz, with a taste of funk and reggae. Audiences have found their toes tapping and bodies swaying to one of her songs only to realize they are dancing to a song about a murder or racism. Is it any wonder that this self-proclaimed queer, African-Canadian, working-class woman has chosen to use her gift to try to bring about social change for a fairer and better world?

Faith’s passion for uncovering the injustice of our justice system stems from her childhood. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she is of African, Miq Maq, and Irish heritage, and grew up in the working-class neighbourhood of Regent Park in Toronto.  To try and make ends meet, Nolan’s mother was a bootlegger and operated a gambling parlour out of their home.

Mark Miller of The Globe and Mail once said: “…her forthright vocal manner, by turns declamatory, defiant and celebratory, works in a way that anything shaped by a sense of artifice would not.”

Faith Nolan
Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway
Saturday, 12 February 2011 @ 8pm (doors @ 6pm)

Tickets are pay what you can – $12 to $20 sliding scale available at Rhizome Cafe or online at Sounds & Furies.

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