Tyrell Witherspoon is a Scorpio through and through

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Two and a half years after the release of his first EP, gay Vancouver dance/pop artist Tyrell Witherspoon has returned with his sophomore album “Scorpio”.

Tyrell Witherspoon's latest EP "Scorpio"“I really wanted to show growth not only as a singer/songwriter but also as an artist as a whole,” says Witherspoon who has teamed up with local producer Nick Bertossi to put together an album of eight songs that he says is a true reflection of himself.

“I am a Scorpio myself through and through,” explains Witherspoon. “We’re a passionate and driven bunch and I think that this album reflects that not only in its creation process, but in the lyrics as well.”

In the album, Witherspoon sings about hook-ups, break-ups, long distance love, and staying true to who you are regardless of the obstacles.  In the song “One”, Witherspoon gets particularly personal as he sings of his struggle against the naysayers when he first began his music career.

“When you pursue something really hard, you’re going to have more than a few people who are going to try and knock you down,” says Witherspoon.  “The track ‘One’ is all about that personal struggle and I wrote it as a chance to vent a little about how I was feeling.”

Financing the project through the crowd funding late last year, Witherspoon hopes that “Scorpio” will see some traction beyond the LGBT community.

“Yes I am openly gay but that doesn’t mean my music shouldn’t have a universal appeal,” he says.  “We all love, we all hurt. It’s all the same. I really want to make sure this album leaps over that sometimes harsh line LGBT artists can fall behind. I want to break down doors like Adam Lambert, Frank Ocean and Jake Shears did.”

Busy promoting the new album since it dropped in January, Witherspoon has not only produced his first-ever solo show and performed at WinterPRIDE he is also gearing up for a big push for “Love Breakdown”, the lead single from the album.

“The track will be hitting Canadian radio shortly as well as satellite radios in retail stores across North America,” says Witherspoon. “The lyric video is out and will hopefully help the track and the album gain some momentum. Other than that, I’m just really happy with the album and hoping that the hard work I put into it really speaks for itself.”

With the online buzz and both a number one place on the ReverbNation Vancouver dance chart and a number seven position on the Canadian chart, that hard work seems to be paying off.


Scorpio is available for download on iTunes.  Visit http://www.tyrellwitherspoon.com for more information on Tyrell and his music.

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