Tyrell Witherspoon is letting go

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Growing up, Tyrell Witherspoon was an obvious over-achiever when it came to the
arts.  From classical violin to ballet to musical theatre and dance, Tyrell's talent soon
became too large for his small Manitoba hometown and he cast his eyes to Winnipeg
and the opportunities it offered.  He hasn’t looked back since, eventually landing
here in Vancouver where he can be seen, among other things, in the locally shot television series Hellcats
and in his newly released video for his first single “Letting Go”.

Tyrell WitherspoonAbout
relationships at a crossroads, Witherspoon says “Letting Go” talks about the two
options that you have when get to that point: "you can let go of the problems and
learn to work and grow from them, or it's time to move on from them and create a
better life.”

Not wanting to put a single meaning on the song though, Witherspoon wants the
listener to to make up their own mind what it is about: “it can also be about letting
go of your inhibitions and just having a good time.  The song is really up to your

Like most times when Witherspoon writes a song, the video is already playing
inside his head and “Letting Go” was no different.

“Most of my songs come from personal experiences and are like mini-movies in
my mind where I could see my song being played in the background,” he explained. 
“So when I was writing the idea for the “Letting Go” video, it was pretty much how
I had envisioned it when I was penning the track.”

Shot in Vancouver at a friend’s condo and at the local YouthCo office,
the video took two days to shoot, with Witherspoon crediting all those involved
in helping to get it finished so quickly.

“We did all the couples scenes first, a week before the party scene. The party
scene day, which takes up most of the videos content, only took about six hours
to shoot. We were very efficient that day and all my friends that you see in the
video were so cooperative and worked really hard.”

Considering the entire video is shot using a single HD camera, completing it
as fast as it was is even more surprising and a testament to the hard work of everyone
involved and the preparation by the director.

“My director Graeme [Goodhall] was very good and knew exactly what he needed
to shoot so we didn't have to do anything too much over and over again,” he said.
“The hardest part was the stair stuff because we really wanted that energy to be
strong and I think it shows.”

While leaving the actual shoot to the experts makes sense, you would think for
a dancer and choreographer, letting someone else take the reins of the creative
side might be a bit more difficult.  But for Witherspoon, handing over the choreography
duties to someone else was actually not that hard.

“Because I had already put so much work into the creative process of creating
the song and getting the video concept together, I was more than happy to give Joey
[Matt] that responsibility,” said Witherspoon. “I totally love Joey's style and
trust his judgment. We collaborated on some stuff but really, he's the brains behind
all the cool moves you see. He's pretty genius. I am very grateful for him.”

And as “Letting Go” starts to create a little buzz, Witherspoon hopes that it
is a stepping stone to sharing his music to a larger audience in the next few years.

“I would love to be signed to a label of any kind and be sharing my music on
a bigger scale,” he concluded. “I hope to be still writing music and performing
as much as possible because that is what I live for. I'd love to be opening for
someone on tour or doing a really small tour of my own. Whatever it is, as long
as I am doing what I love and love doing it, I'll be in the best place possible.”

Letting Go

for more information or pick-up the single now available

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