Tyrell Witherspoon looks to crowd funding for EP

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Funding artistic ventures is a struggle at the best times.  As a result, the creative community has itself become more creative in raising funds including the use of crowd funding, where artists seek donations from a multitude of people, each contributing a relatively small amount.  Looking to use crowd funding to help finance the production of his next EP is openly gay Vancouver dance/pop artist Tyrell Witherspoon.

Tyrell Witherspoon looks to crowd funding for his new EP Scorpio.Through the online resource Pledge Music, Witherspoon hopes to raise $3,000 that he will use to cover engineering costs, production and studio time for the astrology inspired EP “Scorpio”.

“I am a Scorpio and I think that reflects upon me in every aspect of my music,” says Witherspoon as to the title. “I’m a lover, a fighter, I’m passionate, and I’m full of mystery. I thought Scorpio would be a good format in which to theme my album as a lot of the songs falls into the aforementioned categories.”

As with most online crowd funding, donations to the project come with perks that include a digital download of the finished song for a $10 contribution to an Executive Producer credit at the $500 level.  The incentives to contribute are also philanthropic as Witherspoon will donate 25% of all funds over his goal to Out In Schools.

“This wonderful organization helps to combat bullying in schools across BC. They truly do some amazing work that I absolutely stand behind and believe in,” says Witherspoon.

Tyrell Witherspoon

For more information or to contribute to Tyrell’s Pledge Music drive visit http://www.pledgemusic.com.

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