Whispers to Rockefeller proves falling out of love ain’t easy


A scene from the music video Whispers to Rockefeller.

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Vancouver band Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars is causing a bit of a sensation in the trans community with the music video for their new song “Whispers to Rockefeller”.

Rather than drawing attention to the main character’s gender or sexuality, the video simply ignores it, making a powerful statement in of itself.  It becomes a story of the pain of breaking up.  Period.

One of the tracks on the band’s upcoming album Eye of Winter, scheduled to be released in November, the video for the “Whispers to Rockefeller” single was produced by Vancouver’s Anthem Jackson.

You can find out more about Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars online at http://elasticstars.com.

From the band’s website:

Falling out of love ain’t easy, it leaves you with a big ugly broken heart, but at some point you must go through the ritual called get-f$cking-over-it. The only way forward is to pile up the tokens of your ex, douse them with gasoline and burn them all to hell just to feel real again.

Colin Cowan’s second album in his seasonal series, “Eye of Winter”, is scheduled to be released on vinyl and for the public on November 28th, 2014. His music aims to be a fluorescent cup of warm nostalgic soup fit for any contemporary star-child or drifter.

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