To Russia with love: local pub sends a message

We’re pretty sure that despite his very heterosexual leanings 007 would approve, as the Fountainhead Pub in Vancouver’s Davie Village launches its “To Russia With Love” campaign in February.

Early to jump on the anti-Russian bandwagon when it dumped Russian vodka from its menus months ago in protest over the anti-gay laws in the former communist country, this time The Fountainhead owners are taking a more positive approach.

Included in this kinder and gentler protest, patrons will be encouraged to take a picture in front of a photo wall sending a message of love through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hastag #FHtoRussia.  Customers can also create a “love note” for a loonie, which will be displayed on a giant wall-mounted heart in the pub and which will find their way to a “Russian LGBT community representative” at the end of the campaign.

“In the face of adversity, a message of love and support can make a powerful difference. We want the LGBT community in Russia to know that we are behind them, even all the way across the world.” says Fountainhead Pub General Manager Andrew Watling.

All proceeds from the notes plus a daily special, made using Swedish vodka of course, will be donated to All Out, a New York based online group that was “created to give people everywhere the ability to help win equality for LGBT people in every country in the world.”  Current initiatives at All Out have included campaigns in Iraq, Brazil, Sweden and against the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

To Russia With Love - Vancouver's Fountainhead Pub sends a message of love and support from half way round the world.

To Russia With Love: Vancouver’s Fountainhead Pub sends a message of love and support from half way round the world.

The Fountainhead Pub is also one of 30 remote Pride Houses identified by Pride House International, a coalition of LGBT sport and human rights groups plus participants in past and future Pride Houses all united to promote the cause of equality in sports.

Pride House International has created its own protest, the Same-Sex Hand-Holding Initiative, which encourages athletes, media, officials and spectators alike to take every opportunity to hold hands with a person of the same sex.  Pride House International has launched a photo blog where anyone can post a photo showing them holding hands with a person of the same sex as a sign of solidarity throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

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