30-days campaign brings out the best of the season

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Santa’s naughty and nice list seems to grow exponentially this time of the year as the holidays bring out the best and the worst in people. One person vying for top spot on the nice list is Vancouver entrepreneur Marc Smith who has just completed thirty days of kindness.

The third in his 30 Day Adventure series, Smith has just wrapped up undertaking one random act of kindness each weekday for the past month.  From handing out free coffee to helping give the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter a make-over, Smith worked with a number of individuals and businesses through the month, each coming to him with their own ideas for the acts of kindness.

“I’ve always been a big believer in giving back and the time of the year seemed perfect to launch 30 Days Of kindness,” says Smith as to the inspiration for this third series of adventures.  “I hoped that I would be able to tap into our holiday season compassion for others.”

And tap into that compassion he did, for it only takes a quick glance at the photographs that Smith captured during the month with huge smiles from those that were committing the random acts of kindness and those that were on the receiving end.

Vancouver entrepeneur Marc Smith hosts students at Science World with help from ING Direct
Marc Smith (middle) hosts students at Science World with help from ING Direct as part of 30-day adventure.


Getting Smith to pick a single act during the month as a highlight is impossible, so he points to two.  The first was from a young woman who was the recipient of a flower on Granville Street during day four.  “[She] was on her way back to France and she told a great story about how happy she was to be back in Canada because we are so kind,” recalls Smith.

The second came during a visit to a Victoria restaurant where Smith helped surprise unsuspecting diners that lunch would be on them.  “The surprise and happiness was awesome to witness.”

Smith himself was equally surprised by how easy it was to find the 30 people and businesses to help undertake the month-long initiative and hopes that this latest adventure will inspire others to give it a try.

“Just do it,” says Smith for those considering their own random acts of kindness.  “The more you think about it the less authentic it is. Be in the moment; observe what’s going on around you and the kindness will flow.”

What’s next for Smith and his 30 day adventures?  With 2013 just around the corner, the next is one many of us can relate to: “I’ll be launching 30 New Year’s Resolutions and asking the community to submit ideas of resolutions I should try to do for a day.”

Visit http://30dayadventures.ca for more information.

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