Calling all queer veg heads

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Are you a LGBTQ vegetarian or vegan? Want to meet other LGBTQ vegetarians or vegans? Earthsave Canada is hosting an event designed just for you.

Earthsave CanadaA social event for queer veg folk who want to meet other LGBTQ persons, the dinner will be held at a the family-run Ethiopian restaurant Gojo Cafe on Commercial Drive. They restaurant features their homestyle recipes and even make their own Injerra, the Ethiopian bread the food is served on.

An all-inclusive price of $16 ($14 for Earthsave Canada members) will get you a variety of seven different Ethiopian dishes including such things as Yatikilt Wat (green beans, carrots, bell peppers, onions & tomatoes sautéed in garlic), Kik Alicha (delicately spiced chickpeas and pureed vegetables) and of course the Injerra.

“We are a non-profit that hosts monthly dineouts at the best restaurants around the city for reduced prices,” explained organizer Justin Go. “More recently, our queer members have been demanding for a space where they can meet other queer vegans and vegetarians in a comfortable social setting. After lots of planning, we are finally hosting our first queer meetup event next month at this amazing family-run Ethiopian cafe. And while this meetup is intended to be more queer-specific, the event is all-inclusive and organizers will not turn anyone away as long as they are queer-friendly and enjoy amazing veg cuisine.”

Earthsave Canada is a non-profit, educational organization promoting awareness of the environmental, ethical and health consequences of our food choices. Earthsave Canada advocates the move towards a plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward non-human animals.

Queer Ethopian Dinner
Gojo Little Africa Cafe, 2838 Commercial Drive
7 December 2010 @ 7pm

Visit for more information or to sign-up for the dinner.

More information on Earth Save Canada can be found on their website at

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