Celebration of Light explodes over English Bay starting July 21st

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One of the city’s signature summer festivals, the Celebration of Light will illuminate Vancouver for its 20th consecutive year as four countries compete in a pyro-musical competition that ignites the skies over Vancouver’s English Bay.

HSBC Celebration of Light

The 2010 Celebration of Light will take place on July 21st (USA), July 24th (Spain), July 28th (Mexico) and July 31st (China).

Originally known as the Symphony of Fire, Vancouver has seen annual pyrotechnical displays since 1990 and this year is expected to attract in excess of 1.4 million people over the four nights.

This international pyro-musical fireworks competition has attracted the world’s leading fireworks designers and is seen as a highly prestigious event. The fireworks festival creates an exciting arena where spectators can enjoy each country’s representatives unveil their latest techniques and use the most innovative fireworks materials as they compete to be crowned the winner.

Celebration of Light
English Bay
21, 24, 28, 31 July 2010

The best viewing points are at English Bay, Kitsilano, Vanier Park, Jericho Beach.  The event is free to watch from public parks and beaches. Music for each show is simulcast beginning at 10pm on radio station SHORE 104.3 FM.

For more information check out the Celebration of Light website.

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